The Equi Institute


To enrich the health of the trans, queer, intersex and gender expansive community through trauma-informed care, culturally-affirming services and social justice advocacy

Bottom Line for Portland

The Equi Institute's team of community health workers work directly with queer, trans, BIPOC, unhoused folks in Portland. In 2021, we served over 200 marginalized individuals experiencing houselessness and facilitated ten LGBTQAI2S+ and BIPOC-focused community vaccine events. If you believe that housing is healthcare, access for all identities and providing human solutions for people living at the sharpest intersections of oppression, donate today. We can't do this without you.


“People don’t see me as another staff or someone superior, they see me as one of their own. It helps me open the door to get to know them better to be able to help them in more specific ways. They build trust in me, they share more stuff with me, and that’s one of the biggest things we need is trust. And that way I can know exactly how to help” - Lupe Medina, Community Health Worker

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The most important lesson from our work in primary care was that healing for our community must address the causes of health inequity. We focus our services around LGBTQIA2s+ folks, BIPOC, folks with significant mental health concerns, houseless folks, folks living with addictions, disabled folks, and elders. Equi’s staff are trained in the philosophy and practical application of the theories of cultural and gender affirming health care, Health at Every Size, Racial Justice, Economic Equality, and Non-Violent Communication, with a focus on community advocacy, education, and positive sociocultural change.


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Year Founded: 2016

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