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The Lund Report is an independent, nonprofit news service that delivers exclusive and in-depth coverage of health care in Oregon and southwest Washington. We aim to hold the industry and government accountable, providing facts and analysis that make a difference.

Bottom Line for Portland

Advocates recently hailed our coverage that caused the state to halt a program that blocked low-income children from getting needed medical care and led it to drop barriers to health care interpreters for Indigenous peoples. We’ve exposed problems in Measure 110’s rollout and in the state’s response to addiction. Our reporters track hospitals and other providers in Portland and around Oregon, spotlighting patient care and workplace conditions. We monitor insurers and the state-run Oregon Health Plan, which provides care for 1.4 million people. We follow the money, cover the players, and track what lawmakers and lobbyists are doing.


“Most of our general news reportage covers individual medical tragedies and lawsuits, but rarely goes deep into public policy, business analysis or investigation. The Lund Report does. That’s why I subscribe.” — Eliza Schmidkunz

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Lund Report and its sister organization, Oregon Health Forum, are committed to continually bringing to light the disparities and inequities prevalent in the health care system. Through reporting that highlights racism and discrimination in medicine and industry-focused health forums that facilitate important discussions around addressing these issues at their roots, we are working to make health care more equitable for all Oregonians.

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