The Pixie Project


The Pixie Project: Loving pets and people through personalized pet adoption and low-cost veterinary assistance. Pixie brings together local families with amazing rescue cats and dogs through family-friendly adoption services. Pixie is also committed to helping owners keep their existing pets happy, healthy, and in their homes by offering vital veterinary care, medications, food, and supplies to the pets and people most in need in our community.  

Bottom Line for Portland

Your gift to Pixie helps improve the lives of animals and people in your community. Donations help fund our animal rescue program (placing shelter cats and dogs in homes with their perfect families) and our community vet clinic program (helping owners keep pets in their homes by providing access to veterinary care and spay/neuter). To make sure we're reaching those most in need, we’ve expanded the essential services we provide, including emergency owner surrender support for seniors, veterans, and pet owners who have lost income or housing, and providing pet food, medications, supplies, and training support to families in crisis.


"It's a constant surprise. So many people approach me to say how much they love supporting the Pixie Project. From rock-ribbed conservatives to flower-power liberals.  Teenagers to seniors, and everyone on the full spectrum of genders. The only passion they all share is helping this home-grown, grassroots cause that helps the most helpless in our community. The Pixie Project builds bridges no politician ever could." -Chuck Palahniuk, Author & Misanthrope

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our adopters, clinic clients, and volunteers come from all walks of life—and so do we. We’re committed to promoting equity for everyone looking to add new members to their families, those facing emergencies, and anyone struggling to access affordable veterinary care for their pets. 


Located in the Williams District, the pet lovers at the incredible JinJu Patisserie are on a mission to make Portlanders proud with their hand crafted chocolates, all things pastry, and incredible desserts. 

$27,814 raised of $25,000 goal
350 donations
111% of Goal


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Year Founded: 2007

Tax ID: 208430297

The Pixie Project is in the Animals category which is sponsored by Meat for Cats and Dogs.

They're a medium-sized organization with activities in Clackamas Co., Multnomah Co., Washington Co. and beyond.

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