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The Red Door Project’s mission is to leverage the power of stories to change racial ecology. We envision a society where our differences catalyze listening, learning, and thoughtful action.

Bottom Line for Portland

The consequences of the contentious relationship between the police and communities they serve powerfully demonstrate the need for systemic change within our justice system. Our current focus is The Evolve Experience, a program centered around monologues that present true stories from both police officers and African American community members describing their lived experiences with race and the justice system. Evolve provides a framework for engaging in potentially divisive conversations, promotes empathy and trust, and helps participants build strategies for systemic change so that race, gender, nationality, income or other differences are no longer significant factors in how people are treated.


“I asked myself: how can this Evolve Experience have such a far-reaching impact that someone’s attitudes, behavior, and ultimately their values are examined in a new light, in an ultimately life-changing way? The answer is that Art is the transformational agent. Real stories change minds.”

Susan Troccolo, 99 Girlfriends

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Red Door is built on a foundation of equity and inclusion. It’s in our DNA—considering our mission is to change racial ecology. We are guided by the adage “Nothing About Me Without Me” therefore we engage both people of color and justice sector professionals in the ongoing assessment and development of our work.


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Business Partner(s)

¿Por Qué No? Taqueria is a Portland mainstay and long-term partner of the Red Door Project. Treat yourself to a taco on their patio, and feel free to bring your dog!

We began our relationship with the Hollywood Theatre in 2016 when we presented Hands Up on their stage, and they’ve continued their support for all of our Give!Guide campaigns since 2018.

Tillamook County Creamery Association is the Evolve Experience’s founding corporate sponsor and we are grateful not only for their delicious dairy products, but for their true partnership in the development of the Evolve online program.

Stacy Yip of Yip Fitness combines the latest scientific knowledge for diet and exercise with her deep-seated passion of bringing out the best in others. Stacy dedicates her support for the Red Door to her younger brother Calvin, who passed away on February 1, 2019.

The Sudra has been serving Portland delicious plant-based Indian cuisine and cocktails since 2013. Eater PDX calls The Sudra “One of the City’s Best Vegan Restaurants” and we couldn’t agree more!

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