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The Street Trust advocates for multimodal transportation options that prioritize safety, accessibility, equity, and climate justice in the Portland Metro Region. We envision a complete, safe, low-carbon transportation system that contributes to equity in access, opportunity, health, and prosperity for people and communities across the Portland Metro Region and beyond.

Bottom Line for Portland

We refuse to settle for a 20th-century transportation system that worsens disparities and sacrifices our future. We are ready to win policy transformation and major investments that save lives, reduce barriers, and expand opportunities to the people and neighborhoods our current system neglects.


We come from a background of bicycle advocacy, and many of our dedicated members are still with us because of that origin story. But we recognize that bicyclists are pedestrians are transit riders and that all of us depend upon professional drivers, service trucks, and freight trains to one extent or another. We take a holistic, multimodal approach to this problem, under the belief that our shared interests as street users are greater than our differences as people who prefer to roll, or ride, or drive. 


Everything we do is about expanding transportation options to reduce dependence on drive-alone trips and make our streets safer where motor vehicles interact with other street users. We can eliminate unnecessary trips and reduce congestion using money we already have, which saves time, money, health and climate pollution. We take a broad policy advocacy focus, and support site-specific investments that make our streets work for everyone who depends on them. 


"To win, we need you in our lane. Together we can end the public health emergency of traffic violence and make our region more livable, prosperous, equitable, and healthy. It’s time to reclaim our streets, and our future."

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We recognize injustice. The Street Trust recognizes that our city, state and nation were founded upon the unjust principles of legal white male supremacism - colonization, slavery, dispossesion and disenfranchisement - and social systems of exclusion and discrimination - racism, classism, gender discrimination, ableism, cisheterosexism, and more. We recognize that these unjust systems and discriminatory social practices still exist today, and that the historic and modern impacts of discrimination disproportionately benefit privileged groups at the expense of everyone else. We recognize that all people have a responsibility to actively participate in dismantling institutional, interpersonal, and internalized barriers to full participation in our society for all.


We commit to justice. We are committed to abolishing discriminatory laws, and repairing the modern and historic harm done by oppressive policies and unequal investments. We are committed to creating a culture within our organization of anti-oppression and inclusivity, where all people can thrive as members, partners, staff and board volunteers, no matter their identity. We commit to justice, and to break down the institutional, interpersonal, and internalized barriers to full participation in society for communities harmed by discrimination. When we fail, we will learn; when we succeed, everyone will benefit from just streets.


When you support us with a gift of $40 or more you will get a one-year membership to The Street Trust.

Donate at least $10 on Big Give Day Nov 3 for a chance to win our Winter Survival Kit with a set of lights from Portland Design Works, waterproof gloves from Showers Pass, a mini saddlebag from Ortlieb, and a warm beanie from Chrome Industries.

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Bivo, Showers Pass, Portland Design Works, Chrome, Ortlieb, Fire on the Mountain, Water Avenue Coffee, Mountaineers Books.

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Year Founded: 1992

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