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Western States Center envisions inclusive democratic movements rooted in justice and equity. We realize this vision by working with communities to build movements, develop leaders, shift culture, and defend democracy through a prism of race, gender, justice and equity. 

Bottom Line for Portland

Engaged for nearly forty years in Portland and the Pacific Northwest, we draw lessons from our geography and local organizing that extend insights on anti-democracy threats and effective resilience to partners across the country. Our region has a long history of facing organized bigotry and white nationalism, where authoritarian movements will often test new tactics for spreading hate and excluding vulnerable people from civic engagement. Investing in intersectionality, we build broad coalitions that are multiracial, multifaith, and inclusive.  


"As a Western States Center Senior Fellow and co-author of our Confronting White Nationalism in Schools Toolkit, now in its third edition, I've seen our innovative tools and resources reach thousands of educators, parents and young people as they courageously take action to stop bigotry from taking hold in our schools and communities. WSC offers critical movement leadership and direct support to local communities and democratic institutions on the frontlines of safeguarding inclusive democracy." --Jessica Acee, Obama Foundation Leader, USA 2023-2024 Class

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As an organization whose mission is focused on a thriving democracy, we value Black-centered power building that advances multiracial democracy committed to the needs of all communities. Much of our programming is advanced through intersectional leadership cohorts that incorporate diversity in racial, ethnic, religious, and gender identity; sexual orientation; age; geography (urban, rural, local, statewide, regional and national); and organizational category (i.e. elected officials, students, professional advocates, etc.). Our tools and training events, along with these cohorts, incorporate a racial justice analysis along with promoting awareness of tribal sovereignty, gender justice, and the role of antisemitism in white nationalism.


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Western States Center is proud to partner up with Indigenize, a movement to connect conscious consumers with Tribal and Native owned businesses while also redistributing wealth back to tribal nations and people. Check out our Incentives.

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