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Wisdom of the Elders records, preserves and shares Native American oral history, cultural arts, language and traditional ecological knowledge of Indigenous elders, storytellers and tribal leaders, collaborating with tribes, arts and cultural organizations, educational institutions and many others. We strive to correct misconceptions, bring health and wellness to Native people, and demonstrate how Indigenous culture has and continues to enrich our world.

Bottom Line for Portland

By supporting our Indigenous led and staffed non-profit, people contribute to our essential cultural mission and continued representation.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Too much to list, but even beyond our own Multimedia and and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) work with our Indigenous peoples, we partner and collaborate with over 30 other local metro environmental, arts, education, and cultural organizations.


Give $25 or more for a chance at one of ten Wisdom gift bags that will include a canvas tote, T-shirt, and Native made dreamcatchers/art/seeds/and other items- each bag unique!

Give $100 or more for a chance at one of five Wisdom gift boxes that include multiple items: Native artist packages, canvas tote, T-shirt, books, jewelry, masks, salves/tinctures, among other items- each gift box unique!

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And give $500 or more for a chance at a Native handmade drum and Wisdom gift package! 

(Drum made by Philip Montana- Crow/Member of the Fools Soldiers Society, Charger Camp, Cheyenne River Lakota)

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Year Founded: 1993

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