Word is Bond

BIPOC-Led Organization


Word Is Bond’s mission is to rewrite the narrative between young Black men and law enforcement through leadership development, critical dialogue, and education.

Bottom Line for Portland

Donating to Word is Bond is an investment in the young Black men in the Portland metro area. We empower young Black men to tell their stories in a city where they have been historically and systemically left out. We unapologetically champion the needs and leadership of young Black men from backgrounds and ways of life across this great city.


To be honest with you, I don't think I need to say why Word is Bond is important. Look at what's going on around us; it's a constant battle between the Black community and cops. Without Word is Bond there's someone who would still hate every cop they come across. With Word is Bond, they can say that they sat in a room and laughed with a cop, shoot I can say I went on a camping trip and slept next to one. Without Word is Bond there's less people trying to make a change. But if you want to know why I love this program; cause y'all became family to me, no cap, y'all my brothers foreal foreal.” -Sema'J, Community Ambassador with Word is Bond

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Word is Bond is a leading driver of engaging young Black men in the various discussions for creating an equitable Portland. We have youth leaders on our Board of Directors and they are part of the development and facilitation of our program curriculums. Our summer internship program, Rising Leaders, is paid because we believe in no free Black labor.


Word is Bond is offering several incentives from our generous community partners. In addition to the gifts below, each incentive comes with a Word is Bond poetry book and beanie.

One exclusive donor ($150 or more) will be selected to win a $50 gift card to Everybody Eats PDX, Portland's hottest new restaurant which is Black-owned and located in the Pearl District.

One special donor ($250 or more) will be selected to win a $50 gift card to Fino's Bistro and Pizzeria located in Kenton serving homemade pasta, New York pizza, beer, cocktails, and a selection of house-made desserts

Five lucky donors ($75 or more) will be selected to win a $50 gift card to Posies Cafe, located in the Kenton neighborhood in North Portland which specializes in freshly roasted coffee, a full bakery, and sandwiches.

Ten outstanding donors ($25 or more) will be selected to win a VIP Meal Card (One free beef/veggie bacon cheeseburger and fries) from Union Burger, a Black-owned food cart on MLK Blvd serving up fresh burgers and fries hot off the grill.

Business Partner(s)

Word is Bond is proud to have the support of businesses in our Kenton Business Association family as well as Black-owned businesses that center community.

Everybody Eats PDX is a Black-owned restaurant bringing a new vibe to downtown Portland with a unique blend of Southern and Pacific Northwest cooking that gives classic seafood and soul food hits a creative new twist.

Fino's Bistro and Pizzeria is owned and operated by Jason Riley who purchased Fino in the fall of 2018 to create a positive, inclusive neighborhood restaurant which he had envisioned for so many years.

Posies Cafe is A neighborhood bakery & cafe specializing in homestyle baked goods and expertly crafted coffee drinks.

Union Burger takes its name from the pre-1986 name of the street now known as Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, where owner and community leader John Hunt serves made-to-order burgers fresh off the grill.

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Year Founded: 2017

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