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Willamette Week provides Portlanders (and beyond) with an independent understanding of how their worlds work so they can make a difference. In doing so, WW’s mission is to make Portland a better place in which to live, work, and play. Friends of Willamette Week are readers who support independent, local journalism. 

Bottom Line for Portland

There’s no better way to keep a city vibrant and working for its citizens than to watchdog its core institutions. That’s one of the vital roles of local journalism and Willamette Week, with 100,000 newspaper readers monthly and another 2.5 million readers across our digital platforms, has become essential for many Portlanders.

FOWW is raising money to continue supporting accountability journalism and giving readers access to free, independent journalism.

→ Please note: FOWW isn't a nonprofit organization. If you would like to support our journalism and make a tax-deductible contribution, you can do so through our relationship with the Tides Foundation (designated to the "Journalism Fund for WW").


"I don't have time to be a watchdog. I rely on WW to do it for me." -Martin Moll, Friend of Willamette Week

“Portland's best chance to realize our ambitions is only possible with independent, fearless and smart journalism that holds power to account and creates an informed citizenry. That work is not possible without Friends of Willamette Week. Help us continue to do this important work.” —Anna Zusman, Publisher

"I've never been so happy to donate! You folks are seriously going to save this city.”-Daniel Davis, Friend of Willamette Week

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Willamette Week is committed to fostering and advancing an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment—not only in the people we hire but also in the journalism we publish and the Portlanders and organizations we work with. 


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Our nonprofit partners share our commitment to journalism, democracy, literacy and writing, media, and an informed community. We encourage our supporters to check out Civics Learning Project, Literary Arts, Oregon Humanities, Portland Radio Project, SMART Reading, The Library Foundation, The Lund Report, and

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Year Founded: 1974

Tax ID: FOWW isn't a nonprofit. See details on page.

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