Immigration Counseling Service (ICS)

BIPOC-Led Organization


Our mission is to achieve equity and justice for immigrants and their families by providing accessible services to uphold their legal rights. Through direct engagement, ICS brings immigrant voices and experiences to the decision-making table.

Bottom Line for Portland

Supporting the legal rights of our immigrant neighbors honors the contributions they make to keep our economy strong and our community vibrant, and acknowledges their role as essential workers during the pandemic—in health care, food production, and service industries. Unlike any other type of legal services, which focus on resolving a single case or claim, immigration legal services provide immediate and meaningful access to a host of fundamental human rights—freedom from violence, access to health and education, and the ability to earn a living wage. Without access to legal services to attain legal status, immigrants and their families are forced to live in society’s shadow, ripe for exploitation and discrimination, and suffering disproportionate harm from poverty, sickness, lack of educational opportunities, and unrelenting fear. 


“Last year, many of our clients were on the verge of giving up their fight for justice because they couldn’t afford to put food on their tables and also pay for legal and filing fees. We stood up and fought for them by shifting from low-cost to no-cost legal services and raising scholarship funds to pay for court filing fees. Broad community support of our efforts is now critical for maintaining these commitments to our clients. We all want to live in a strong, caring, and just community. Help us make sure that dream is extended to our immigrant neighbors.” – Frank Garcia, Executive Director

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

ICS is exclusively organized to seek equity and justice for Oregon immigrants. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice are core values that guide our work and all of our services are offered bilingually. ICS has a strong history of serving people who have traditionally been marginalized by mainstream society, but within their immigrant communities as well.


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