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North Pole Studio supports careers in the arts, and exists to increase opportunities for artists with autism and intellectual / developmental disabilities to thrive as active members of the arts community. We foster self-determination and facilitate meaningful connections through total engagement in the arts.

Bottom Line for Portland

We believe that a collective understanding of diverse human experiences is foundational to a vibrant and whole community. North Pole Studio joins a nationwide movement of progressive art studios working to increase visibility and representation of artists with disabilities. 


“What I want people to know through my art is that I'm alive, I'm real, I'm here.” - O.S., artist


"North Pole Studio is a safe place for artists with different communication methods who may not feel welcome elsewhere… as a caregiver, it's refreshing to not have to explain or justify… and instead be welcomed without question.” - T.D., caregiver


“This is who I am, this is what I like. It is because I have autism, that has led me to do this kind of work." - A.B., artist

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

North Pole Studio provides accessible studio space for a community of artists who share a serious interest in, and commitment to, creating and exhibiting art. The studio is a place where neurodiversity is valued, and where diverse perspectives are honored and recognized as a strength.


We are located in NW Marine Artworks, Portland’s largest collective of professional artist studios. In this space, we strive to bridge the access barriers that too often exist between artists with disabilities and the arts community.


The space was designed in close collaboration with founding artist, Davis Wohlford. Davis is autistic and the studio environment is thoughtfully organized to be supportive of diverse sensory needs. Our 1,150 square foot studio has individual work spaces, is quiet, small-scale, embedded with pictorial supports, and has easy access to outdoor space.


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Year Founded: 2020

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North Pole Studio is in the Creative Expression category which is sponsored by The Oregon Cultural Trust

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