Tualatin Riverkeepers


Tualatin Riverkeepers is a community-based organization that protects and restores the Tualatin River watershed, building watershed stewardship through engagement, advocacy, education, restoration, and access.

Bottom Line for Portland

Tualatin Riverkeepers is the only environmental advocacy organization that fights for sustainability in the Tualatin River watershed. We’re all connected through our waterways: the Tualatin flows into the Willamette, that flows into the Columbia, where it flows back out into the ocean. All of us work as “riverkeepers” together to keep taking care of our home, with equitable and climate-resilient solutions for everyone. 


“As an individual, I feel like I can't control climate change on a global scale. But I can support Tualatin Riverkeepers as they push for environmental change that benefits everyone.” - Sean Finnerty

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Tualatin Riverkeepers believes that all of us deserve access to nature and clean, healthy water. We know that environmental activism looks different to everyone so we focus on creating ideas and solutions that are accessible, equitable, and sustainable for our whole community together.


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Year Founded: 1993

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