Depave empowers disenfranchised communities to overcome social and environmental injustices and adapt to climate change through urban re-greening.

Bottom Line for Portland

Depave creates community greenspaces and empowers historically disenfranchised communities that lack access to nature and are most impacted by the urban heat island effect. We have transformed over 170,000 square feet of lifeless pavement at schools, churches, community centers, affordable housing developments, and commercial sites into vibrant community spaces with cooling shade, native plants, kids’ play areas, and rain gardens.


“We want to inspire people here and everywhere about not just their ability to remove asphalt, but their ability to make important, tangible change in their communities themselves.” -Kasandra Griffin, Depave Co-founder

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Depave actively prioritizes projects that benefit people of color and low-income communities. These historically disenfranchised communities are disproportionately impacted by the adverse social and environmental effects of pavement. Depave uses a collaborative and culturally-sensitive approach, believing that cultivating diversity contributes to the strength and resilience of communities.


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Year Founded: 2007

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