Skidmore Prize

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Every year Willamette Week awards the Skidmore Prize to four young Portlanders who work every day to make Portland a better place and to preserve the community-oriented nature of the city we all know and love.

This year we were so impressed that there's five winners!
If you’ve ever wondered who’s really making a difference in our community, scroll down.

This year's finalists included: Joy Alise Davis (Imagine Black Futures), Gustavo Martinez (Bienstar), Charelle Stanley (Wild Diversity), and Elona Wilson (Next Up).

Winners of the Skidmore Prize must be under the age of 36 and work full-time for a local nonprofit. Winners received their awards, including prizes of $4,000, at the beginning of the Give!Guide campaign.

2018 Prize Winners
Madeline Kovacs
For some, the phrase “it’s complicated” conjures up a 2009 Meryl Streep film. For others, a relationship status. But for Madeline Kovacs, Program...
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Jenny Glass
On the corner of SE 162nd and Stark, the Rosewood Initiative community center’s doors swing open every few minutes. Nearby,...
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Chris Bailey
Chris Bailey wraps up his 11:00 a.m. business meeting — one of several for the day — on the patio at the Portland Mercado on SE Foster. It’s a sweltering...
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Isatou Barry
It’s 6:00 p.m. and Isatou Barry has stayed late — as she does each Monday — to oversee IRCO’s Africa House Youth Council meeting. Twelve high school...
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