Milk Crate Kitchen

BIPOC-Led Organization


Overcoming barriers to food security by cooking and delivering cost-free family meals to those in need, no questions asked.

Bottom Line for Portland

Grassroots and community-supported since the 2020 emergency pandemic, we help feed low income families, students, caregivers, single parents, adults and children with mental and physical disabilities, among many others who are in need and at the margins. While others are unable to get to the food bank or create a healthy meal when the food stamps run out, MCK meets people where they're at. We partner with local food hubs and farmers to help reduce food waste while eliminating barriers to food security. We build up resilience and cultivate community by inspiring and engaging every member of the community to activate and stay engaged. Your support keeps all of this going.


“This service has been a lifesaver! With my disability and the increasing cost of food, it has made it hard to make ends meet each week. This meal makes all the difference.”

-Single parent, MCK family meal recipient


“I love that you help out low income that can't afford much” - Person with disability, low income, MCK family meal recipient


“I got laid off, and I’m so scared of what I’m going to do next. Getting on the MCK form means I have one less worry that week.” - MCK family meal recipient


“Single parenting is hard. These meals give everyone a night off and we get to enjoy a healthy meal together. The kids are even excited to try new foods because they are made so well. Thank you for doing what you do in the community.” - Person with Disability, Single parent, Low Income, MCK family meal recipient

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We learn about the communities we serve through the input and feedback they share with us each week. Through the partnerships we make with our local food growers, makers, and providers, our meal recipients utilize the Meal request form to inform us of their current needs. They voluntarily share how they identify on a cultural, social, and economic aspect, using our platform to be seen and heard. MCK keep our optional questions as up to date and relevant as possible in our best effort to be as inclusive and relevant with the changing tides. We operate with a mostly volunteer and donation  base activating community members who come from a diverse social and economic backgrounds. Our weekly rotation of helpers is anywhere from 20 to 25 individuals of varying ages and profession.  We do not ask the families we serve for proof of income or ID. We operate with the belief that if they are humble enough to ask us for a meal, we are gracious enough to provide them with one.  What helping during these hard financial and emotional times should be --zero barrier.


Making giving fun is what we want this December. For every donation as specified by each promotion, there is a prize (or two, or more!) available for eligible donors!  See tentative schedule below!  MCK will also share some of these incentives with our fellow G!G nonprofit partners when you make a donation to them on specified promotion dates.


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For anyone donating $30 or more to Milk Crate Kitchen

Dec 30:  The first 10 donors receive a Heart Coffee Roasters $10 gift card 


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Dec 31: 1 winner / Marmoset Music + local business brands' merchandise gift set with a retail value of $90+ will be selected using a randomizer. You will be contacted by Jan 1.


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*Must be aged 21 years or older to receive New Deal Distillery Vodka or Gin gifts :)

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343 donations
148% of Goal


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Year Founded: 2020

Tax ID: 86-3463263

Milk Crate Kitchen is in the Hunger category which is sponsored by New Seasons Market.

They're a micro-sized organization with activities in Clackamas Co., Multnomah Co., Washington Co. and beyond.

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