Organizations that focus on animal assistance and/or welfare.

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Give!Guide Animals
$43,285 raised so far
Animal Aid operates a free-roam shelter for cats, a foster program for dogs, and two community resource programs for pets & their guardians.
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$81,532 raised so far
With your support, CAT helps thousands of cats get the quality care they need to have happy, healthy lives and find—or stay—in loving homes!
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$28,846 raised so far
Our volunteers are Love In Action, because dogs are family. We build love and unchain dogs, one backyard at a time.
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$92,403 raised so far
FCCO is a spay/neuter program for feral, stray & barn cats. Services include vaccines and are provided for a suggested donation of $50/ cat.
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$67,386 raised so far
Established in 1868, OHS is creating a More Humane Society through pet adoption, veterinary services and fighting cruelty and neglect.
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$62,555 raised so far
Healing pets and the hearts of their people by providing free veterinary care & pet supplies to those experiencing houselessness or poverty.
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$52,004 raised so far
By pairing youth in corrections with shelter dogs, Project POOCH teaches responsibility and compassion, benefiting youth and dogs.
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$29,067 raised so far
Sound Equine Options is working to ensure all horses are safe, healthy and valued.
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$31,883 raised so far
More than just adoptions: Pixie is a safety net for pets in PDX, providing life-saving vet care and support for owners facing emergencies
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$264,026 raised so far
Providing the highest quality food and lifesaving veterinary care for tens of thousands of homeless, hungry and hurting animals
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$30,150 raised so far
We rescue and provide sanctuary for elder and special needs equines while creating a healing space for humans and the planet
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